REBUILT-Coats 7060AX Tire Changer & Balancer  -  Ask us a question.
  • 7060AX Rim Clamp. (EX also available)
  • 1- Hp Air Motor.
  • 110 to 175 PSI.
  • Tool bar
  • 1050 Wheel Balancer
  • Serviced by certified professional technicians


Rebuilt;Coats 7060AX  Rim Clamp w/ Robotic Arm
(UP TO 24" WHEEL )


Rebuilt Coats 7060-AX Series Tire Changer 

THIS MACHINE WAS COMPLETELY REBUILT-TO LIKE NEW CONDITIONS:. The case was stripped down to bare metal.

  • 3 Pedal Assembly
  • New-turntable valve
  • New-set of clamp carriers( for 24" wheels)
  • New-Belt
  • Turn- Table Cylinder & Bead Loosener Cylinder were rebuilt
  • New- Seals
  • All New-Hoses
  • New-bolts & Nut
  • New-Air Filter-Lubricator
  • New-Air Gauge
  • New-Mount/Demount Head


!! You will not find another Coats tire changer like this one, and it comes with one year limited warranty on parts !!

    The-COATS-7060EX-Series tire changers is designed especially to handle tough-to-change tires low profile and run flat.  The Robotic arm lets you easily and safely flex stiff sidewall without superhuman effort.  The arm also assists in wheels clamping, second bead removal, and top bead mounting. The-70xx Series are a best seller because they pack a lot of features into a very affordable package. The manual swing arm uses one control to adjust horizontal tool head position and a second control to adjust vertical height. The 1.5 HP air drive system allows fast and powerful control of the wheel under heavy loads while still allowing the user infinite control of wheel movement. The7065EX is easy for any operator to learn, and it will not slow you down on standard tires and wheels.


  •   * This Machines, comes complete with a new Operation Manual
  • *The machine was restored, serviced and thoroughly tested by Certified Professional Coats Technicians and is in excellent working conditions.

    This COATS Package; Tire changer retail for over-$8,750

  • You can buy it here for a fraction of its cost !!!

  •  Real Deals!!

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    Coats Rim Clamp Specifications:

    Rim Diameter  10" to  28"
    Rim Width 14" Maximum
    Tire Diameter 50" Maximum
    Drive System Electric
    Air Source (Air) 110 to 175 PSI, 5 HP compressor, 14 to 15 SCFM @ 150 PSI
    Chassis Footprint 35"W x 44"D x 75"H
    Shipping Weight 785 lbs.

    Model Price
    AED464 $6,995.00