NEW MODEL From- Coats 70X-EH-3 Tire Changer   -  Ask us a question.
  • 70X-EH-3 Rim Clamp (AX also available)
  • 1.5 Hp Electric Motor
  • 110 to 175 PSI
  • Tool bar
  • Up-to 28" Wheel Diameter
  • 950 Wheel Balancer
  • 3-Set cone: small, medium, large
  • Caliper, Spring, Win nut & cup

For Sale; Combo Coats 70X-EH-3 Tire Changer&

Coats 950 Wheel Balancer

  • One Year Limited Warranty on all parts on the tire changer only.
  • More Accessories was added on this package.


Completely Rebuilt; Coats 70X-EH-3 Tire Changer

Refurbished Coats 950 wheel balancer


Rebuilt Coats 70X-EH-3 Series Tire Changer&

Refurbished Coats 950 wheel balancer

THIS MACHINE WAS COMPLETELY REBUILT-TO LIKE NEW CONDITIONS:. The case was stripped down to bare metal.
!! You will not find another Coats tire changer like this one, and it comes with-ONE-year limited warranty on parts !!

  • New-Transmission
  • New-Electric Motor
  • New-Electric Switch
  • New-Wire Harness
  • New-Turntable Valve
  • New-Bead Breaker Valve
  • New-Set of Clamps w/ Protectors...( clamp up to 28" wheels)
  • Turn- Table Cylinder & Bead Loosener Cylinder were rebuilt
  • New-Belt
  • New- Seals
  • All New-Hoses
  • New-bolts & Nut
  • New-Air Gauge
We added the Clamp Protector, Break bead protector & bar protector, check picture package bellow.                          
!! You will not find another Coats tire changer like this one, and it comes with one year limited warranty on parts !!

*The-Coats 950-Wheel Balancer is well known for their high volume productivity and accuracy. The-Model  950Series wheel balancer machines have the mechanical and electronic power to be a key tool in high volume shops. The 950 series wheel balancer are the best seller because they pack a lot of feature:

  • Comes with the hood.
  • Three passenger vehicle cones; small, medium & large.
  • Hub nut, pressure drum, pressure spring, caliper & weight hammer.

* This Machine, comes complete with new Operation Manual

*The machine was tested and serviced by Certified Professional Coats Technicians and are in excellent working condition.

This Balancer retail for over $11,500. You can buy here for a fraction of the cost !!!

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Coats Rim Clamp Specifications:

Rim Diameter  10" to  28"
Rim Width 14" Maximum
Tire Diameter 50" Maximum
Drive System Electric
Air Source (Air) 110 to 175 PSI, 5 HP compressor, 14 to 15 SCFM @ 150 PSI
Chassis Footprint 35"W x 44"D x 75"H
Shipping Weight 785 lbs.

Model Price
AED485 $7,695.00