Wheel Balancers

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Coats and Baseline Wheel Balancers

Why buy a CoatsĀ® or BaseLineĀ® Wheel Balancing Machine?

The durability of CoatsĀ® drive systems and electronics is legendary. Our wheel balancing machines require minimal calibration and maintenance, providing years of accurate and dependable service. Many models feature advanced functionality that maximizes accuracy and ease of use, such as Laser-guided Weight Placement, Spindle Stop & Lock, 3-D Auto Data Entry and even real-time operator training modes. BaseLineĀ® offers lower volume shops a solid balancing solution when a higher-volume wheel balancing machine isn't needed.


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CoatsĀ® Med/High Volume Balancers

CoatsĀ® offers the best solutions for high-volume shops, with options like full diagnostics, LED Video monitor, and laser-guided weight placement.

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BaseLineĀ® Wheel Balancers

BaseLine Wheel Balancers are the perfect solution for low volume shops that need dependable balancing solutions without the expense of a high volume machine.

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CoatsĀ® Heavy Duty Wheel Balancers

From small shops to high-volume, commercial tire dealers or truck fleets, CoatsĀ® offers a range of solutions for heavy-duty applications.

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CoatsĀ® Motorcycle/ATV Wheel Balancers

CoatsĀ® offers bubble balancers and the popular model 775 motorcycle balancer. The perfect solutions for your shop!

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CoatsĀ® provides more than just balancing equipment. We provide total balancing solutions. Our wheel-balancing machines are built to maximize shop productivity and uptime, and deliver years of dependable service. They are complemented with a complete offering of adapters and accessories, as well as a full line of BADAĀ® wheel-balancing weights.

CoatsĀ® Direct Drive wheel balancers feature a uniquely designed dynamic section (the system that senses and reports vibration to the balancer). Our direct drive system integrates the balancerā€™s robust motor and spindle into a single, factory-prebalanced assembly with ZERO noise. This assures that any imbalance-induced vibration that is reported back to the balancerā€™s processor is coming from the tire and wheel assembly. The result is that zeros on the balancerā€™s display ALWAYS mean ā€œbalanced.ā€